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Providing Medical Device Market Access to 28 Markets Worldwide

We have established independent companies in many of the markets listed below to act as your local authorized representative and compliance agent in the medical device market.

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How We Can Help

Tailored Support for Market Entry

Partner with us to streamline your market access and regulatory compliance efforts, minimizing the risk of application rejections and reducing unnecessary costs.

  • Regulatory Strategy and Roadmap

  • Technical Documents Compilation, Submission, and Management

  • Post-Market Surveillance and Vigilance Solutions

How to start

Get Started with Us in three easy steps

Seamlessly integrate a global market access regulatory partner into your operational workflow, enhancing compliance and market entry efficiency.

Regulatory Strategy

Global Market

We assist you with identifying which markets to expand to leveraging existing registrations and approvals.

Registration Strategy

And Grouping

Our local regulatory experts provide strategic support to determine classification of your product portfolio and the number of registrations that are required.

Requirements strategy

Market access

Based on the classification of your products, we can outline the required steps and information to obtain your registration.

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