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Pure Global COO Joins Elite Panel: China-Brazil Bio Forum

Pure Global COO, DJ Fang, Engages in Key Talks at AstraZeneca's China-Brazil Biomedical Forum to discuss medical innovation.

Published on:
March 10, 2024

DJ, COO of Pure Global, was invited to attend the China-Brazil Biomedical Industry Forum held by AstraZeneca on March 12th.

He participated in the event alongside experts from the well-known Brazilian National Research Institute for Public Health (FIOCRUZ) and Chinese innovative entrepreneurs.At this forum, experts and educators at all levels conducted in-depth discussions on medical innovation achievements, the prospects of Brazil's biopharmaceutical industry, and the overseas experiences of AstraZeneca and its partners.

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Recent global regulatory updates include changes for software-based medical devices, prescription lenses, and microbial, recombinant, or animal substances. Effective June 15 and July 1, 2024, with reclassification by July 1, 2026. High-risk devices have limited audits; spectacle lenses are ARTG exempt from June 15.

Regulatory Update
June 4, 2024

In May 2024, major regulatory updates were announced across the UK, EU and Switzerland to enhance medical and in vitro diagnostic devices. The COMBINE project was launched to streamline regulations, and new standards and frameworks were proposed to improve safety, compliance, and timely access to innovative treatments.

In an interview with TechNews180, Pure Global CEO Phyllis Meng discusses how AI and data analytics are revolutionizing market access and regulatory compliance for MedTech companies. Meng highlights Pure Global's platform, which provides seamless access to global registration data and clinical trial information, eliminating manual searches.

Unlock efficient market access with Pure Global & MEDIcept's collaboration. From registration to regulatory expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions worldwide. Drive growth & innovation in MedTech.

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