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Pure Global achieves two new Brazilian certificates!

Pure Global Secures Two Class II Medical Device Certificates in Brazil, Bolstering International Expansion Capabilities.

Published on:
March 1, 2024

We're proud to announce that Pure Global has successfully obtained two certificates from Brazil for Class II products. These certifications are for interventional catheter consumables companies for medical device MDs in Suzhou and Shenzhen, respectively.

Our Brazilian self-operated companies boast a growing portfolio of certificates and satisfied customer groups. With a highly experienced technical team in Brazil, we maintain excellent communication channels with #ANVISA and offer years of rich registration expertise. This enables us to efficiently meet our customers' submission and certification requirements, ensuring a smooth process.

Pure Global is your professional registration consulting partner, guiding companies through international expansion with detailed expertise, efficient execution, and firsthand resources. Our success in Brazil underscores our ability to provide comprehensive consulting services and secure certifications for our clients.

At Pure Brazil, our commitment to service and professionalism shines through. As an independent third-party certificate holder, we prioritize customer needs, employing a dual PM work model to ensure timely responses. Our expert regulatory consulting team and self-operated companies maintain strong relationships with local representatives in Brazil, providing manufacturers with accurate and timely information on local regulations and authorities' feedback.

Trust Pure Global and Pure Brazil for seamless market access and regulatory compliance solutions!

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